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Thursday, 25 November 2010

'Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window'

"A warm, ponderous, yet sad, organ line - simple as you like - overlaid with the kind of decaying, spectral vocal manipulation Grouper may endorse. Really quite unnerving & beautiful in its haunting bleakness."

You can also get these direct from my discogs page

Monday, 22 November 2010

'Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window' OUT NOW

Four stifled/suffocated titles, the acoustic muted and the singing veiled, revealing a facet of the Declining Winter far more atmospheric than usual AUTRES DIRECTIONS

Organ chords, granulated vocals, and judiciously applied reverbs combine to form a slow burning, steady state piece – elemental and commanding, this is a far cry from anything released under the Declining Winter moniker thus far. FLUID RADIO

The ability of the piece to retain its instrumental-ness even in the presence of a voice says a lot about the accomplishment of the instrumentation, a heavily reverberant hall of sonic mirrors in which guitar strings flutter endlessly. DISQUIET

Friday, 19 November 2010

Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window

Its here! And it looks great. It comes in a fold out piece of card that folds forever and ever. I couldn't fold mine back up. Here are some pictures.......

At the moment only available from Secret Furry Hole. But as more places stock it I will add to the list.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Declining Winter 'Killer' Video

Kindly made by Brooklyn based filmaker Giacomo Belletti

THE DECLINING WINTER/KILLER from giacomo belletti on Vimeo.

Absent Without Leave 'Faded Photographs' OUT NOW

I make a guest appearance on the new album by Absent Without Leave, 'Fading Photographs' . There are a few other names on there you may recognise such as Epic 45, Stafraenn Hakon and Millimetrik. The album is available to pre-order from Norman Records and comes housed in 4-panel digipak of recycled cardboard with the front cover image printed on photo paper!It's a limited edition of 500.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Winter North Atlantic remix

A while ago I did a slew of remixes and promptly forgot about them. One by one they are seeing the light of day. The latest is on this VERY LIMITED CD on Boltfish. An impressive line up includes my landlord Bracken, our compatriots Fieldhead and an Arctic Monkey or two. HERE is the link to which you can buy. I'd also recommend picking up the original album if you haven't already.

Also I did an interview with the oh so supportive people at Autres Directions and you can find a link to that HERE

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Autumn News

Autumn is here, the clocks have gone back and its dark at about 3 in the afternoon. I'm still in the middle of a house move, relying on my brother to house me in his spare room. I get a lovely view of the park with leaves turning all shades of gold and red.

In a matter of weeks our new CD EP 'Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window' will be released courtesy of those nice Italian people at Secret Furry Hole. I will post details of where you can buy but for the moment you can pre-order ONLY from HERE

We are finding time to slowly work on new music as well as finishing off the Memory Drawings LP of which I keep muttering. Everything is snails pace these days but it will be worth it in the end.

Within our ranks are Fieldhead and they have a new album out now through Gizeh Records. This is a live album, download only and is available with a donation scheme from their bandcamp page.

For now, wrap up warm, buy an umbrella and we'll get through this thing. More news as it happens. Join me on Twitter as thats where the big news breaks when i'm busy doing other things.

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