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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

'Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window' Cdr OUT SOON

Get ready get ready, there's a new Declining Winter record in town. Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window is a cdr containing four tracks due very very soon on Secret Furry Hole. Heres what I had to say about it in conversation with the label

"with 'scenes from the back bedroom window' i was trying to make something a little more minimal with long stretched out notes. i wanted the whole thing to sound a little like it was underwater. it was recorded in the depths of winter with snowstorms so bad i had to walk six miles to get to work. i hope some of that feeling of detachment and isolation comes across in the music."

Brave Timbers 'For Every Day You Lost' OUT NOW

Ach I've been really busy recently moving house so am slow on the news uptake. Anyway this fantastic album by our violinist Sarah Kemp is now out. Please go to Norman Records to get your copy with bonus CD featuring The Declining Winter, Fieldhead, Gareth S Brown and Epic 45 remixes. And just look what Fluid Radio had to say about it

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Brave Timbers podcast

Our very own violionist extraordinaire Sarah Kemp takes part in a Second Language podcast in advance of her wonderful Brave Timbers album 'For Every Day You Lost'. It contains a chat plus beautiful live versions of some songs off the album.
Download here.

Her headlining show with Gareth S Brown and Memory Drawings in Leeds was an absolute stunner. The album is absolutely beautiful and initial bonus copies come with a remix CD with a mix by......The Declining Winter.

Keep checking back to the Second Language site for release dates, purchase details etc