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Monday, 10 May 2010

The Declining Winter Official World Cup Theme 2010

Have a sneak preview listen here

Pre-order your limited edition CD version with exclusive tracks, postcard souvenir and more goodies . £3.49 plus postage. click HERE to buy

Probably one of our more madcap ideas of recent years is to write and record a World Cup song for this summers competition. Produced by Choque Hosein, it features the theme itself backed with a new version of 'Red Kite' which originally appeared on the compilation 'Music and Migration' earlier this year.

There will also be an instrumental version of the World Cup song so you can sing along at home. We will be doing a collector pleasing limited CD run on Home Assembly Music which comes with exclusive numbered postcard and other collectibles.

Gareth S Brown

Our long serving keyboard/bass player and all round good egg Gareth S Brown has uploaded a new website which is well worth a look. As well as documenting his musical endavours theres information of his wide ranging extra curricular activities.
Have a browse here

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Later this same summer.............

"scenes from the back bedroom window"

due late summer. a four song, three inch compact disc on italy's secret furry hole label. they've previously put things out by hauschka, glen johnson (piano magic), simon scott and peter broderick so we are very pleased to be involved.

.....some words from the label......

"we're also working on a new astounding DECLINING WINTER 3" cd-r. tunes are here. tracklist done. mastering done. release date to be confirmed (late june, we guess). audio preview will be up soon. still designing artwork... "

Goodbye Minnesota at Jumbo and elsewhere

The vinyl edition of 'Goodbye Minnesota' is now available from Jumbo in Leeds, Road Records in Dublin, Monorail in Glasgow and Linus in Japan. We're trying to sort out a domestic US shop/distributor. More news shortly we hope......