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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fieldhead - Riser 10" EP - OUT JULY

Our (now) Vancouver based guitarist Paul Elam has a new release out next month under his Fieldhead moniker. Its a wonderfully grainy exploration of how dusty lo fi electronics can be married with eerie vocals to create something akin to if Aphex Twin had got hold of the vocalist of Mum and tortured her in an underground chamber. It features the vocals of our very own violinist Elaine Reynolds amongst others and well worth getting hold of especially for the first 50 which come with an exclusive screen print from Gizeh Records.

Performed a miracle there

Sadly not 'our boys' who reduced our singer to turning the air blue in a field last sunday (no change there then). We, however did a lot better in actually getting our world cup record into a physical format and available to purchase in the three weeks we had between it getting recorded and the World Cup starting. One day i'll write up the full story, its incredible - it will be made into a Hollywood blockbuster - the feel bad story of the year.

Several people need to be named and congratulated in public for their help in making it happen:

Choque Hosein for magically turning a basic demo into a rollicking widescreen production.

Sara Johnson for the original release plan before a house/job move got in the way

Home Assembly Music for taking up the mantle, frantically gathering funds and round the clock work to make it happen on a ridiculous time frame

Rachel Woolley for learning photoshop from scratch in order to create the fantastic Panini Stickers

Shorn Keld for two enormously rushed mastering jobs after the files got corrupted first time round

Carmel McNamara for the use of images without receiving a please or a thankyou

Caroline Cummings for web assistance

Paul Elam, Richard Morris, Sarah Kemp, Gareth S Brown and Elaine Reynolds for fantastic playing .....and lightheartedly accepting my attempts to ruin their musical credibility

Everyone who bought the limited or any other edition. Anyone who reviewed it or promoted it.

This will be the last time we attempt something so ridiculous. We have a bleak, difficult, arty disc out later this summer on Secret Furry Hole to get things back to normal. More details when we have them..........

Monday, 21 June 2010


Hoorah! Download now available through Itunes or Amazon

"a million miles away from the usual World Cup song fare, assuredly melancholic, hauntingly sad yet strangely rousing... hits the back of the emotional net with a great piece of build up play from the strummed acoustic guitar and flair from both wings contributed by the lush string section" Norman Records - Single of the week

"a well timed curio about the current Pan-Galactic Soccer Tournament, and it is not half bad. This seems a feat of strange magnificence given our other World Cup musical options………" Drowned in Sound

“an epic, string-laden piece of indie magic, bringing memories of ‘Fear Of Drowning’ era British Sea Power and won’t leave you in tears after yet another penalty shoot out nightmare.” 4/5 God is in the TV

“Yearning and mournful resignation, are the themes. Triumphalism and hubris have been wisely avoided. My personal World Cup 2010 Top Tip if you care more for music than goals” 8/10 Whisperin & Hollerin

“Has about as much to do with the World Cup at heart as Colourbox's Official World Cup Theme - even the sampled commentary is from a non-World Cup game, being of John Barnes' famous goal in the Maracana - but the Hood side project do good things marrying the influence of striped sunset sound of the Go-Betweens, Lucksmiths etc to pre-Ibiza New Order” Sweeping the Nation

"The left-of-centre football anthem for 2010" Jumbo Records

Monday, 14 June 2010

The release date is upon us!

We are trying to forget about England's miserable showing on saturday and instead concentrating on the great football elsewhere and the huge amounts of love being shown to our new single which if its not in the shops now, should be in the next few days.

There are a handful of the limited 'panini' versions left. The picture above shows exactly what you will receive if you order. Remember that the panini sticker special edition is only available direct from Home Assembly Music.

Thanks for all your orders and kind words (a handful of reviews are below).

Monday, 7 June 2010

Bring it Back!!!!!!

We are pleased to announce that pre-orders for our World Cup single will be shipped this Thursday (10th June)

If you have pre-ordered the very special, limited edition CD Single you will get:-

*the limited CD version with b side ‘Red Kite’ and an instrumental version of the theme.

*collectors postcard with song lyrics

*‘panini’ style stickers of the band (see example below)

If you haven't ordered your special limited version with panini stickers you can do so now HERE

Alternatively you can buy the normal version from any good record stores such as

Norman Records(UK)
Jumbo Records(UK)
Linus (Japan)

Download details will follow...................

Weekend of gigs

We had a wonderful weekend playing in Hebden Bridge on friday and Leeds on saturday. The photograph above shows us performing at the stunning Left Bank church in Leeds at the Forest of Sound is Dead event. It really was a fantastic night with some really brilliant music and a great farewell to the best gig promoters in Leeds.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Official World Cup Theme 2010

"The left-of-centre football anthem for 2010" Jumbo Records

Out June 14th on CD and download. Limited edition CD with bonus postcard and band panini stickers available to pre order from Home Assembly Music

Tour of West Yorkshire

Two gigs this weekend:-On Friday 4th June we roar into Hebden Bridge and rock the Hole In t'Wall to its very foundations (alongside Fieldhead and Johnny Powell).

This gig is FREE IN.

Then on Saturday 5th we are part of the wonderful Forest of Sound is Dead event at the spectacular Left Bank in Leeds. Theres tonnes of great people playing such as Glissando, Epic 45, Brave Timbers and many many more. Just a £6 in. Brilliant. Starts at 4pm we are on at about 8 ish.